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Perdue funds swell amid malpractice debate, 8-9-11, The News and Observer

An Under the Dome report about the political contributions Governor Perdue received from trial lawyers as she considered whether to veto SB 33 Medical Liability Reforms.

New N.C. malpractice law to cap certain damages, 8-4-11, Wilmington Star-News

Writer Erin Zureick Dunn reports on the expected impact from the medical malpractice reform bill that went into law in July.

House votes to override three Perdue vetoes, 7-26-11, The News and Observer

Staff writer Lynn Bonner reports on the NC House voting to override three vetoes by Governor Perdue, including SB 33—Medical Liability Reforms, allowing those measures to become law. 

NC Senate overrides all six vetoes, 7-14-11, The News and Observer

Staff writers Craig Jarvis and Lynn Bonner report on how the NC Senate voted to override vetoes by Governor Perdue, including Senate Bill 33 Medical Liability Reforms. The NC House must concur with the veto overrides in order for the bills to become law.

NC Governor vetoes medical malpractice limits, 6-24-11, The News and Observer

Associated Press writer Gary D. Robertson reports on Governor Perdue’s veto of Senate Bill 33. Article includes comment from NCMS EVP, CEP Robert Seligson

Perdue vetoes bill on lawsuits, 6-25-11, The News and Observer

Writer Craig Jarvis reports on Governor Perdue’s veto of medical liability reform legislation and includes comment from a joint statement issued by the NC Medical Society and the NC Hospital Association. This story also was published in the Charlotte Observer.

Tough Medicine, 6-24-11, The Herald Sun (Durham)

Writer Laura Oleniacz reports on Senate Bill 33 Medical Liability Reform..

Advocates set sights on Perdue, 6-23-11, The News and Observer

Staff writer Craig Jarvis looks at key bills still on the governor’s desk, include Senate Bill 33 Medical Liability Reform.

Needed Changes in Healthcare, 5-2-11 Op-Ed in the Winston-Salem Journal by David O. Cook, MD

Doctor: Reform Medical Liability,5-2-11 Op-Ed in the Greenville Daily Reflector, by Gloria Frelix, MD

A Need for Change, 4-29-11 Op-Ed in the Gaston Gazette by Robert P. Gossett, MD

A Need for Change, 4-1-11, Op-Ed in the Shelby Star by Robert P. Gossett, MD

Dear Congress: Government is Broken. These Guys Can Fix It. By Philip K. Howard, 4-10-11, Newsweek

House bill would shield drug makers, 3-24-11, By Craig Jarvis, The News & Observer.

Protecting doctors — and medical care, 3-21-11, OpEd by Victor Leech, MD, The News & Observer.

Medical liability reform raises tough issues, 3-20-11, OpEd by NC Sen. Eric Mansfield, MD (D-Cumberland), Fayetteville Observer.

Doctors Face Off Against Lawyers Over Malpractice Bill, 3-17-2011,

The price of defensive medicine, 3-12-11, OpEd by Michael Moulton, MD, NCMS Speaker, Wilmington Star-News.

Physicians must be able to focus on care, not legalities, 3-12-11, OpEd by George ‘Van’ Huffmon, MD, Wilmington Star-News.

Emergency relief, 3-3-11, Letter to the Editor by Michael Utecht, MD, Immediate Past President of the NC College of Emergency Physicians, The News and Observer

Senate passes bill protecting ER doctors, 3-3-11, By Craig Jarvis, Lynn Bonner and Mary Cornatzer, The News & Observer

Liability changes would lower health costs, 3-2-11, Letter to the Editor by Steve Keene, NCMS General Counsel, The News and Observer

Doctors would get more protection from lawsuits, 2-27-11, By Craig Jarvis, The News & Observer (Reprinted in the Charlotte Observer and Greensboro News & Record.)

Study: doctors order tests out of fear of lawsuits, By Marilynn Marchione, AP Medical Writer, Associated Press, Yahoo News.

Two sensible tort reforms, 2-11-11, Commentary by Daren Bakst, Carolina Journal (John Locke Foundation).

NC Republicans starting work on tort reforms, 2-1-11, By Gary D. Robertson, Associated Press, New Bern Sun-Journal.

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